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Bed Bug Bites: Signs of a Serious Problem

bed bug bitesAre you or your family members noticing red bumps on your skin night after night?

If so, it could be bedbugs.

Bed bugs feed on human blood. They leave behind red bumps or marks. Other evidence of bedbug bites is blood spotting on pillows and mattresses.

Bed bugs often feed on the shoulders and upper arms of victims, but bites can appear anywhere. The good news? Bed bugs do not typically carry pathogens or diseases. Reactions to bed bug bites can take up to 9 days, before itchy spots appear.

You may be among the lucky 10% who have no reaction to bed bug bites, and may not notice the problem. This may make bed bugs harder to detect. Fortunately, there are methods for discovering if you have a bed bug infestation, some of which involve bed bug detection dogs.

If you or family members suspect bed bugs, carefully check the bedding, bed frame, and nearby area within five feet with a flashlight. Bed bugs are roughly sized & shaped like an apple seed (when mature). Unfortunately, the immature stages are translucent and very difficult to detect. Another thing you will want to look for are blood stains on pillows and sheets, or salt & pepper-like stains.

Want to learn more? Download this bedbug fact sheet.

Still not sure if you have bed bugs?
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