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Are you seeing small black ants on your driveway, in your basement, or along baseboards in your bathroom? The small ants – know as pavement ants – are annoying and their colonies are large. But the real pests – the ones you DO need to worry about, the ones that can chew through more wood in your house than termites – are the carpenter ants.
Carpenter Ants are big, scary black ants (about 3/8 to 1/2″ long), and they do more wood damage in Michigan homes than termites. They live and multiply in places and spaces you would never consider – like the inside of the hollow door to your bedroom.
Regardless of the type, Ants are the #1 nuisance insects in America. Sprays don’t work because 95% of the ant colony lives in places in and around your home that you can’t see.

Ant Extermination Services
Whether you’re seeing a few small black ants, or one single big one, it’s time to call Presidio Pest Management – your insect control company, specialists in exterminating all species of ants.
We specialize in exterminating ants, no matter what type they are, and no matter where they hide in your home, or office building.

Our trucks are clean, new, and the signage can be masked, guaranteeing discretion in your neighborhood, and our technicians dress business casual – no grease-stained overalls!

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