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Bed Bug Prevention: Simple Tips For Protecting Your Home

If you are researching Bed Bug Prevention, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about the infuriatingly impressive comeback bed bugs have made in recent years.

Once considered nearly extinct, they’ve resurfaced and rebounded, and they are more pesticide-proof than ever before.

Despite having suffered near-annihilation, bed bugs are much more difficult to kill than you might think.

Be very careful in dealing with anything you read on the Internet or hear from your friends about simple, DIY bed bug solutions. A bed bug infestation is serious business. If not handled properly, it’s very easy to make the infestation even worse.

Before trying any home remedies (which might actually be counterproductive), I highly recommend you talk to a competent exterminator if you think you might have problems with bed bugs in your home.

Luckily, preventing bed bugs is a lot easier than dealing with an already existing infestation.

Today I’d like to share a few simple tips that can help you prevent these disturbing little creatures from invading your home.

Bed Bug Prevention: Learn To Recognize Warning Signs

Click here to learn about recognizing bed bug warning signs such as bites, eggs and bed bug poop ☹️

Bed bugs enjoy hiding in small, cramped spaces such as:

-Inside bedsheet or pillow folds, particularly in hiding spots along the stitching
-Not easily visible crooks and crannies in the headboard
-Underneath mattress tags
-Inside open electrical outlets

Recognizing these warning signs won’t make the bed bugs disappear without professional help. But they might make it more possible to nip the infestation bud.

Bed Bug Prevention: Travel Cautiously

The University of Minnesota published a resource about fighting bed bugs with the following useful advice:

“To begin your search for bed bugs establish a clean zone into which you can move furniture and items which you have inspected and cleaned to reduce the chance that they will be re-contaminated… As you continue to move things into the clean zone, more of the room will open and you can expand this clean zone. Using this method means you will not have to move furniture and items more than twice. This will allow you to concentrate on searching for bed bugs, rather than moving furniture.”

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