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Think you have bed bugs? Our guess is, you want the problem solved – 100% solved – NOW. Presidio’s highly-skilled bed bug exterminators will first prove if have a bed bug problem (or even better, prove that you don’t). If we find a bed bug problem, we’ll show you the proof, and get the problem solved THIS WEEK. You’ll have assurance that those nasty bedbugs are GONE. Get a free inspection & quote. No bugs? No fees. Appointments for inspections might be available today if you call now!

Don’t rely on ineffective home remedies or less-than-thorough pest control companies. You need a professional with expertise, discretion, and the right solution to get rid of bed bugs. That’s where Presidio Pest Management can help.


Presidiois a Michigan business, and we’re dedicated to helping our fellow Michiganders keep their homes free from these pests. We offer both heat and chemical treatment options. With the greener solution of heat, we use state-of-the art thermal eradication equipment, bed bugs are gone within six to nine hours safely, effectively, and without hours of labor on your part to remove various furnishings. We also offer chemical options if you prefer. Either way, our team is committed to solving your bed bug problems – NOW!

Presidio’s Bed Bug Exterminators – why are we better?
No spending dollars or days moving furniture & breakables.
Heat treatment is available and is chemical-free, non-toxic, safe for kids & pets.
Chemical options are available and are an effective & cost-effective solution.
Appointments can be made in Metro Detroit the same week you call.
Discreet. Professional. Fast. Done in 6-9 hours.
Exterminate the bedbugs and take back your home.
Call Presidio now at (248) 457-5233 to get a&n FREE BED BUG INSPECTION. Same day available in most areas!

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