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Are DIY Bedbug Sprays Effective?

At-home spray treatments for bedbugs are as old as recorded history. Unfortunately, bedbugs have adapted to many of these chemicals, and scientists suspect this is what caused a recent resurgence in the bed bug population.

Advantages to At-Home Treatments or Sprays

  • Less expensive than having a professional do the work. Your only additional cost will be for a new mattress, box spring, bedding and draperies, and other bedbug infested belongings …

Disadvantages to Do-It-Yourself Bedbug Sprays & Treatments

  • You will need to discard many of your belongings before or after spraying. If you keep anything, you probably haven’t gotten rid of the problem.
  • You must spray every surface & crack carefully. Miss one small section, and the remaining bedbugs will breed.
  • Even if you do all of this, chances are that the bedbugs will be back – because they aren’t really gone!

Don’t wait another day, and don’t waste any time or money on spray.  Call Presidio for a free inspection and get bedbugs gone THIS WEEK.  Call (248) 457-5233 now.

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