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Bed Bug Nightmares

Real stories of bed bugs in Michigan homes

This is certainly no bedtime story! Not with bed bugs…in YOUR bed. We thought you might want to learn about a few of our cases, what the customer was experiencing, and how we were able to help. These are actual case stories; names are omitted to preserve privacy.

They Came From Below

A tenant’s apartment at an elderly care building in Warren got an infestation from a neighboring unit on the floor below. Her daughter, who stopped by once a week to clean and help out, ended up bringing them to her home. Despite taking precautions and knowing that her mother’s building had bed bug concerns, her home also became infested. Presidio quickly stepped in and provided an electric heat treatment that eradicated the bed bugs. She and her mother then found pest-free relief!

Unwelcome College Visitors

This case also shows how easily bed bugs can migrate from one human dwelling to another. A family in Troy had sent their daughter to attend Wayne State University for her freshman year. After being home on summer break for more than 30 days, the daughter was horrified to find a bed bug crawling out of her handbag. An inspection by Presidio Pest Management revealed that two of three bedrooms in her parents home were completely infested. Presidio quickly moved in with electric heaters and, by simultaneously heating all the affected rooms quickly and thoroughly, eliminated the bedbug infestation. We then spent time to give the student (and her parents) an education about bedbugs and how to reduce risk – and made a customer for life!

Chemicals: Not the Best Solution

Bed bugs can be very difficult to eliminate! In this customer’s case, their family home in Commerce Township became infested. After more than 8 months and two different pest control companies, they still had a full-blown infestation. We stepped in and put an end to their bedbug problem once and for all. The delay and inadequate prior attempts cost the family thousands of dollars – they were forced to discard three beds, a couch, and two chairs, and some of their sanity. They are now bed bug free!

Rentals for Whom?

A management company in Farmington had a major infestation in a rental unit. The unit continued to show signs of infestation after months of chemical treatments. The company decided to take the unit out of use. After 6 months out of service, the unit was put back into use and within two weeks the office had again received complaints from the new tenant of bed bugs. The management company hired Presidio to heat treat & inspect the surrounding units. A neighboring unit was also found to be infested. After treatments to all affected locations, there has been no sign of re-infestation. Heat treatment was a complete and thorough solution!

High-Rise Hell

Well this is one story we could have helped with, but in the end the building owners decided saving money was more important! In 2010, an inspection on a high rise in Detroit revealed that 192 of 210 units (!) showed evidence of bedbug infestation. We presented our services, but were rebuffed – they decided to take care of themselves. We may see them on the news soon – a proactive bed bug plan would have never allowed the problem to get this bad!

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