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Bees Be Gone

Everything You Need to Know to Stay Bee-Free

The summer is fast approaching, and we all know what that means:


While it’s certainly true that bees are needed to maintain and improve the world’s ecosystems, those ecosystems do not have to include your house! If you have no interest in sharing your personal space with bees, then you’re going to need to know how to prevent them from invading your territory and what steps you need to take if they already have.

Learn the Nature of Bees

You don’t need to be a bee whisperer to prevent them from invading your life. The first step in warding off your home from any pest – bees included – is to educate yourself on the species. Becoming informed about key pieces of information such as where they live, what they eat, what their life cycle is, etc. will help you make better predictions long-term.

Bees come in a variety of species. Know which bee species are more common in your area so you can make informed decisions when it comes to preparing your home and family. Carpenter bees and yellow-jackets are two species of bee that are quite common throughout most parts of North America and can – if proper preventative measures have not been taken – wreak havoc on a home.

Carpenter bees make their nests by burrowing into pieces of dead wood (such as wood siding on a home). It is a common misconception that carpenter bees eat wood when this is not actually the case. Unlike other insects like termites which do eat wood, carpenter bees simply cut away at wood in order to build nests.

Yellow-jackets, too, often like to burrow, but they prefer to build nests underground or in highly sheltered areas such as the peeks of roofs, behind window shutters, or in hollow sections of wall.

No Bees? Yes, Please!

Whether you’ve noticed that you already have a bee problem or you’re just trying to take preventative measures, working with bees requires delicate hands. Rather than risk getting stung (and, trust us, angry bees are not a group you want to mess with!), it’s better to reach out to a professional for assistance.

At Presidio Pest Control, our number-one mission is keeping your family safe. Because of their general nature, bees can quickly become a problem both inside and outside of your house. If you’re beginning to notice an abundance of bees in specific areas of your home or property, such as your attic or backyard, then it’s time to reach out. Our professional services are here to make sure your home and yard are comfortable, safe, and bee-free!

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