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Protecting your most valued assets, and ensuring your safety from disease promoting bed bugs, is our top priority. In addition to causing harm to people, pests if not treated promptly, can deteriorate structures and valued possessions. Bed Bug Treatments from Presidio.

Prevention & Maintenance

We provide services to prevent or remove the following outdoor pests: Bees, wasps, fleas, spiders, mosquitoes, box elders, lady bugs, Asian beetles, beetles, flies, stink bugs, earwigs, crickets, moths, centipedes and millipedes. Call us for a NO OBLIGATION quote.

Bedbugs Presidio Pest Management
Unwanted Household Pests

Ever peek under the sink and notice an unwanted convoy of ants, cockroaches or worse yet, mouse droppings? Presidio’s pest treatments can exterminate pantry pests, earwigs, ants, and even small rodents like mice and rats. Get expert pest control from pros at Presidio.

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    Why Do We Do This Anyways?

    When most kids are asked what they want to do when they grow up, the answers are all over the map.  Answers like nurse, fireman, veterinarian, or teacher come up frequently; it makes sense. Most kids love to help people and animals. It’s actually almost natural. There’s at least one answer that won’t be heard. Yep, you guessed it… Exterminator!  

    It depends on what people expect from an exterminator. There are plenty of exterminators that just “Spray for Bugs.” If that’s the expectation, then maybe the kids are on to something.

    Let’s try a different definition. Let’s set the expectations a litter higher. “A pest professional who solves bug problems and provides comfort to people and families”.

    It seems most people would rather chose a Pest Professional than an Exterminator. So where does Presidio fit in? You guessed it… Neither one!

    Presidio Pest Management, a Lake Orion, Michigan-based pest control company, offers full-service bed bug extermination as well as residential and commercial pest control services. We’re minutes from I-75, so we can get to anywhere in Metro Detroit quickly. Presidio offers discreet, professional, top-line solutions for killing bed bugs & other annoying pests.

    The Presidio team is capable of expertly handling all your bed bug and pest problems, no matter the size or location of the infested area.

    Presidio Staff

    Michigan’s Trusted & Foremost Bed Bug Exterminators.

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