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Deer Flies Are Coming!

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Getting attacked by Deer Flies while taking a walk or run on a warm Michigan day, or enjoying the sunset on your backyard deck in July or August can turn a seemingly pleasant activity into absolute misery. These pesky pests are not just annoying but they also bite… and it hurts!

Deer flies are a close cousin to the horse fly, and much like their dirty cousins, both of these insects love to feed on the blood of humans, cattle, horses and even your family pets. The female deer fly needs a meal of blood for the development of her eggs. Deer flies are alerted to our presence by the carbon dioxide we breathe out and also by sight. They tend to wait out in shady areas such as under trees, bushes or grass. They are drawn to movement, and they are also attracted to dark colors – especially BLUE. Unlike the horse fly, who prefers to bite the lower body, deer flies tend to swarm and attack the head and upper body..

These painful bites are due to the female deer flies two sets of scissor-like teeth that cut through skin in order to slice into a blood vessel. Some of the signs of a deer fly bite include swelling and itchy reddish area around the bite. This itchy wound should not be scratched, and it can lead to secondary bacterial infections. Deer flies inject an anticoagulant containing saliva. Some people can be highly allergic to these compounds, which can be life-threatening. These symptoms may include weakness, rash around the body, swelling around the eyes or lips, wheezing or dizziness. Seek medical attention immediately if you experience any of these symptoms.

These bothersome creatures are very difficult for a homeowner to control on their own. Deer flies reside and develop in natural habitats, so over the counter insecticides offer very little long-term effectiveness. The extent of the habitat of the deer fly can be quite wide-spread, therefore, it is best to contact Presidio Pest Management for advice and comprehensive methods that are most effective to reduce and control deer flies in your backyard.

Click to try some DIY ideas for prevention: CLICK HERE

But don’t wait… Deer Fly season will be here before you know it, and the best prevention is a call to Presidio Pest Management to spray your yard on a regular basis throughout the coming hot months.

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