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Do Dryer Sheets Kill Bedbugs?

by Bobby Wilford | Aug 29, 2014 | Got Bed Bugs? Don’t DIY!, Uncategorized

It’s common to look for Do-It-Yourself solutions to a bedbug problem. Store-bought solutions and old-time remedies may work for certain pests, so there must be a products or remedy for bedbugs too, right?

The answer is “no”.

We’re often asked about alternative methods to control a bedbug problem. A common one is “Do dryer sheets kill bedbugs?”

Although there are many things that can kill a bedbug – immersing it in any kind of volatile liquid, for instance, or applying steam directly to the bug – these solutions only kill the bedbug(s) it comes in contact with. Here’s the kicker on this question: Dryer sheets, unlike many DIY solutions, do not kill bedbugs at all.

While dryer sheets are believed by some experts to deter bedbugs due to their scent, they don’t kill the bugs, even on contact – unless you were to squish a bug with the sheet, of course.

Did you know that Dryer Sheets can create an even bigger bedbug problem?

The off-putting scent of a dryer sheet will only deter bedbugs so far. This is when the situation gets much worse. These nasty bugs are notorious for going into survival mode when they feel threatened. Survival mode to a bedbug means finding deeper, harder-to-find places to hide. Whenever you send a bedbug into survival mode, they spread into places that are harder to treat, but they don’t stop feeding or laying eggs. When you make a bedbug problem harder to treat, the cost of treatment can double or even triple, it can make conventional bedbug treatments much harder to perform, and you can have this problem on your hands for much longer than you’d hoped.

When it comes to bedbugs, don’t DIY. You’ll make a bad situation worse, and in trying to save money, you can end up costing yourself a lot more. The cheapest, fastest and most effective way to get rid of bedbugs is always to trust professional bedbug exterminators with implementing a bedbug extermination program in your home.

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