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Do Ortho Products Kill Bed Bugs?

If you’re here, you have a frustrating (and possibly infuriating) bed bug problem, and you need it fixed. Websites all across the internet will give you different information about how to get rid of bed bugs in the most effective, fast way possible, but very few have seen how much damage is caused by bad information. The best resource to give you accurate information is a professional bed bug exterminator who works to kill these disgusting insects every day. We can help clear up confusion about killing bed bugs.

Using Ortho Home Defense & Other Products to Kill Bed Bugs

Ortho Home Defense is a chemical product that pest pros would agree is very effective at killing a large number of outdoor and indoor insects, which is probably why you are considering it for your bed bug problem. The active chemical in Ortho Home Defense, Bifenthrin, is an insecticide and neurotoxin that directly affects the nervous system of insects, killing them within a 24-hour timespan. Put simply, it will kill bed bugs that come in contact with it, but with some downsides you must be aware of prior to application.

The neurotoxin Bifenthrin in certain amounts is toxic to animals and humans and remains on surfaces and in soil for some time after application.
As with any chemical, bed bugs can sense its presence and, as they are extremely skilled survivors, they will quickly change location away from where the chemical is applied and your problem could continue or worsen.
If the chemical is not applied thoroughly to all infected areas consistently and repeatedly over a span of time to ensure any remaining bed bugs are killed, the bed bug problem will likely continue and require further treatment.
True Bed Bug Professionals will always recommend homeowners strongly consider heat treatment for bed bugs before any chemical or traditional treatment process. It has the highest up front cost, but may cost less in the long run and is the most effective (and often guaranteed) treatment option available.

If you are still considering using chemicals to kill bed bugs in your home, read more in our blog.

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