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When your home is invaded with creepy crawlies and nasty critters, you’ll likely to try any method possible to clear the infestation out. Bed bugs are especially revolting as they burrow and multiply in the places that are traditionally safe and cozy; beds, blankets, clothing, and shoes. Unsightly bed bug bites can cause discomfort to your family and may even cause certain health risks. Bed bug bites have been known to cause allergic reactions, infections, and in very rare cases, extreme sickness. Not to mention the psychological effects that bed bugs have on the family living with the infestation. Using the right method to clear your bed bugs is vital to ensure the safety and overall well being of your home and your family.

Traditionally, bed bugs are eradicated using pesticides that are sprayed or gassed into your home. These chemicals can be harmful to your family, pets, and the environment. Using pesticides to remove your bed bugs could take multiple attempts keeping you out of your home for an extended period of time. Many bed bugs have built a resistance to the common pesticides used in traditional pest control. This means that even after 3 or 4 times, the pesticides are not effectively eradicating the infestation in your home. There has to be a better way to keep your family safe and your house pest free.

Heat Treatments
An alternative to the traditional method of pesticides is to use a heat treatment to clear your home of unwanted guests. Heat treatments, much like the name implies, uses heat to rid the items in your home of bed bugs. Heat treatments use both dry heat and steam to kill pesky bed bugs so they can be easily removed from your home.

Heat treatments utilize a few different mechanisms to ensure that all of your objects are cleared of pests. In most heat treatments, all of your fabric items like clothes, bed sheets, and linens will be placed in an industrial dryer that reaches a high enough temperature to kill the bed bugs.
Other objects will be placed in hot boxes. These boxes will hold a sustained heat that is meant to kill the bed bugs from the surface. The temperature in these hot boxes can reach upwards of 125 degrees Fahrenheit, a lethal amount of heat for a bed bug to survive.

In some cases, steam will be used to kill bed bugs on your larger items. The heat from the steam can reach 230 degrees and will most likely be used on mattresses, box springs, and other large pieces of furniture that will not fit in a dryer or hot box. Steam is not the best way to kill bed bugs as it does not reach deeply into crevices. However, it is an effective method of clearing bed bugs off of surfaces throughout your home.
Are Heat treatments effective?

Lethal temperatures for bed bugs at any stage of life are dependent on the length of exposure that the pest has to the heat. According to research from Virginia Tech, a bed bug will die if exposed to 113° for 90 minutes. If the temperature is raised to 118° the bed bugs will die much quicker, usually within 20 minutes. This study found that for bed bugs to reach a 100% mortality rate they must be exposed to 118 degrees for an extended period of 90 minutes.

Heat treatments used for bed beg control reach upwards of 125° and sustain that temperature for a long period of time. This heat can kill bed bugs at any stage of life. Using heat is also beneficial because it can reach deep crevices where bed bugs love to hide. Heat can penetrate fabric and will kill any bed bugs or bed bug eggs that are buried deeply in your linens or pillows. Bed bugs cannot build up a tolerance this sustained heat like they can with pesticides so you can be sure that none of your unwanted house guests will be left behind after a thorough heat treatment from a trained professional.

Are Heat Treatments safe?
Unlike a pesticide treatment, a heat treatment does not fill your home with harmful chemicals. However, there are some risks involved with a heat treatment. Due to the high levels of heat used to kill any bed bugs, some items may get damaged if the heat source is not managed correctly. If not use by an absolute professional a heat treatment can have a risk of fire. The risks with a heat treatment are low and when compared to the traditional methods used to eradicate your home of pests, it is much safer.

Is it affordable?
When you consider that traditional chemical treatments often require multiple visits from your exterminator, the price of a one-time heat treatment is worth the extra expense. For the value of a single visit you can rest assured that the bed bugs in your home are dead and gone. The process of heat treating is also safer on your furnishings and could prevent you from having to by new items. Heat treatment is also the only pet-safe method to expel the bed bugs from your home. When you consider these benefits, a heat treatment is well worth the cost.

Should I use a heat treatment to rid my house of bed bugs?
Heat treatments are an effective way to kill bed bugs. They are also much safer than traditional methods that use dangerous chemicals. Heat treatments are quick and require little to no preparation from the home owner. In most cases, heat treatments only require a single visit. Heat treatments can clear your home of pesky bedbugs in a single day. Most heat treatments have a 100 percent success rate and are the only pet-friendly option when getting rid of your bed bugs. When it comes to keeping your family safe and your home clean, you want to ensure that you are receiving a quality service that you can trust.

Heat treatments from Presidio will do just that.

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