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In honor of National Dog Day this week, we at Presidio Pest Management thought we would interview Presidio Pest Management’s Owner, Bobby Wilford about three of his most valuable co-workers! These good doggos are some of Presidio’s best employees as well as our most valuable assets. Why? These three hard working pups are trained Bed Bug Dogs and they can be very useful in accurately detecting the presence of bed bugs in your home or business.

Meet the dog pack!




Rebel is the dog that started our program. Rebel is now retired after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease three years ago, Rebel is now enjoying life as the family house pet, but before that Rebel was a hard working pup. Let’s learn more!

Where did Rebel go to “school”?
School is never ending. Initial training was with K9 concepts that is a military dog training program. Ongoing training was with them as well as Pat Curry out of Romulus. Training is never ending, and the dog is never done learning. With repetition becomes consistency.

What is Rebel’s personality like?
He’s a knucklehead. He doesn’t know how big he is. He loves people and would never hurt anyone, but he’s not gentle. He will step on your feet and not think it’s a problem. He will knock a chair over if it’s in his way. He will not give up when trying to communicate or accomplish something. He’s very driven.

How did you start using Bed Bug Dogs?
Rebel came into our family at 1 years old from a breeder that trains working dogs. In training for the first few years we became entertained in the working dog community and met many awesome 3rd party handlers that were very talented. We have been and will continue to refer to this type of work out. People find comfort in a third party, and it is more than a full time job to keep sharp on scent detection. So, we now refer to talented 3rd party handlers who “employ” the rest of the pack, named Murphy and Norman. These trainers are not pest control people- they are dog people. We have had relationships with these people for a while and are the best of the best.

How do the dogs detect the Bed Bugs?
All dogs give some kind of alert. Most handlers train a passive alert which is usually a sit but can be a letdown, a head down, or a point. Active alerts are breaks, scratching, etc. Mainly used in law enforcement.

What are Rebel’s, Murphy’s and Norman’s favorite activities, when not “working”?
They are active and love being instructed. They crave structure and having a task to complete. They love the purpose.

Are some breeds better at detecting bed bugs than others? If so, why?
It’s all about drive. Some breeds are naturally more competitive and driven than others. There are some physical advantages, for example, dogs with long snouts can detect more easily, but any dog can be a great working dog if they have the drive.

Why are bed bug dogs valuable in detecting and treating bed bugs?
They are the most accurate tool in our industry to inspect large areas like dorms, buildings, etc- and have the greatest level of accuracy.

How do they detect bed bugs?
All by scent. The dog and handler work together. Both are equally important.

How accurate are bed bug dogs?
Very accurate. I’d have to put a number on it because there are so many variables. But a well trained, selected, experienced dog with the right handler and commitment I would bet is well above 95%

Can they smell bed bug eggs too?
They can, and are trained to do so by most certified handlers.

What is involved in the certification and/or training of a bed bug dog?
There is no standard for certification, but the industry is getting closer. It’s about passing a working test. There are 3 or 4 highly regarded certification organizations and folks should look for those certifications when hiring.

Can bed bug dogs sniff out any other type of insect infestations?
They can be trained to hunt for almost anything. A drug dog, bomb dog, cadaver dog, bed bug dog, and diabetic response dog are all the same thing…the odor(s) is the only difference.

Is using a bed bug dog cost effective for the customer? If so, why or how so?
In commercial and multi unit, it’s a no-brainer. In residential, it’s not a first line as they’re are a few cost effective first steps but in some scenarios but it has great value…When the potential infestation is early life first few weeks. It’s the absolute best option for residential.

Anything else you want your readers to know about the Bed Bug dogs?
These dogs love to work. They absolutely love it!

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