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bobby wilfordBobby Wilford, the proud owner of Presidio Pest Management, wanted to share some insights into his life experiences, as well as answer some fun questions about himself and his traditions this holiday season! Over the next few weeks, we are going to be interviewing a few other members from the Presidio Pest Management staff. Bobby also shared some of his favorite family photos he thought you would enjoy.

1. What was your childhood nickname?
2. What positive habit or character trait did you learn from your parents?
Probably leadership and not being afraid of being different. When I was in middle school I kept getting really good grades on my test in 1 class and some of the kids would make fun of me for being a nerd. I told my dad I was gonna try to get a B on my next test and he blew a gasket. That’s when I learned the difference in leaders and followers. He wanted us to not go with the crowd and be comfortable doing something different. ( even if there was some criticism)
3. When you’re not killing bugs, what’s your favorite hobby/past-time?
Both my Kids play high level hockey. There’s nothing I enjoy more than watching them grow and compete. We get to spend a lot of time in hotels with our hockey family and Were always in Chicago or Ontario it seems. Tyler is 14 and Ryan is 11. I am also responsible for videoing my youngest sons games for the season. I enjoy videoing and am learning editing ( on a low level). The coaches use the tapes to teach and the parents have a video memory of every game of the season
4. How did you get into the pest control industry?
Got into pest control by accident. I was a District Manager for Murray’s Auto (awesome company) and they were bought out and I was all of the sudden unemployed. Amy was pregnant and I was jobless I saw an ad for branch manager applied and that was it.
5. What’s the first thing you’d do if you won the lottery?
Take a nap… (lol maybe on a beach) I would still live locally and hire a few of the most overqualified people I could find and overpay them to take the next steps with Presidio
6. What’s your favorite musical band/artist?
I’m a sports radio guy but I like Eminem, Creed, I was in band in high school so I like some of that stuff too but don’t listen much anymore
7. What’s your favorite song of all time?
Probably “One” by Creed or “November Rain” by Guns n Roses
8. What’s your favorite movie of all time?
I cant watch any movie twice. Im one of those so the favorite is always the last really good one. If I have to pick… Matrix or The Accountant
9. What’s your favorite TV Show of all time?
If Game of Thrones qualifies as a TV show, then that… If not, I haven’t watched like a sitcom in forever… I always liked “Married With Children” when I was younger and probably “Modern Family,” as far as current shows go.
10. What’s your favorite meal?
Pizza or Tacos are always my top options
11. Colgate or Crest?
Neither. I use Aquafresh.
12. Coke or Pepsi?
Diet Coke to be exact.
13. What’s #1 on your bucket list?
Take a nap…Maybe on a beach. Lol
14. What’s an interesting or unusual fact that no one knows about you?
I asked my kids to help me answer this question and they said I am not interesting all…..i might agree. Here’s a few but none really stand out. I wasn’t a super good student but as an adult I am sooo interested in learning new things. I dive head first into everything. I feel like I can do or fix anything I’m interested in. I like working with my hands. I grew up on dirt bikes, 4-wheelers, snowmobiles, and motorcycles. I rode very aggressively starting about 8 years old. ….despite that I got my first minivan at the age of 23 and haven’t been 5 mph over the speed limit since. (full disclosure … we no longer own a minivan. My wife wont allow it. Shes paid her dues she says.)
15. What do you enjoy most about the holidays?
I like that it feels special and pretty around the holidays. Almost everywhere you can feel this mood or atmosphere that’s more relaxing and safe. Of course family but to be honest I don’t get any more family time than any other time. My wife does so that makes me feel happy.
16. What’s your most memorable Presidio Pest moment?
There’s been quite a few but we had a Customer in Detroit in a very difficult living situation. She was a single grandmother raising young children. Maintaining the home was not usually an option so there were quite a few small issues but she was doing the best she could. We did a pretty extensive service and through the process we cleaned, vacuumed, and organized. Made some simple fixes on minor things. Replace a light buld here, hang a chain from the ceiling fan. Tape up some areas that were broken….nothing major or related to what we were there for. When she came home and saw the house she cried and cried…. She said the house hadn’t looked like that since her husband was alive 20 years ago. It was really touching! It seemed so simple but to her it was special. Very touching experience.

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