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Spiders, the Halloween Pest – Part 2

Part Two

Welcome to Presidio Pest Management’s second part in our three part Spider series.  Today we will be focusing on common areas and locations spiders find desirable.  If you’ve noticed an increase in spiders lately, perhaps wrapping your porch up in web, and they aren’t a part of your Halloween decorations, there’s a reason.  It’s that time of the year — it’s spider season!

Spiders are most visible when the males come out to mate, their breeding seasons coincides with the transition from summer to fall. If you see more spiders than usual around your home during these months, chances are they’re mature males wandering far and wide in search of a mate. These pests are extremely skillful at finding the best hiding places in and around your home, they are sneaky and love to hide in several locations. To prevent them from entering and creating an infestation, it’s good to do be proactive about spider control.

We have identified the most common places in and around your home that spiders use as hiding places. Spiders love to hide in several locations, we will identify them to help keep the spiders away this fall. We want to help you to keep spiders outside and out of your home!

The most common place to spot a spider in your home is in the corners near your ceiling. It is not exactly a hiding place, but they tend to spend much of their time in the corners to find prey easier.  They like to spin their webs there and lay their eggs, which increases their numbers.

Spiders love dark and quiet places where no one can see them. Spiders spend the majority of their time looking for a good hiding spot.  They seek out piles of clutter, such as books, magazines and other piles you may have in your home.  Since most spiders prefer the dark, they can often be found hiding somewhere high in your closet.  They also love to hide under furniture where it is dark and often unchecked.

Spiders love finding holes in windows or door screens. If they can’t get in through a screen they’ll walk around the window or door frame hoping to find a crack.   They will search out areas such as a crevices or openings in your walls.  Your garage is another likely area due to all the potential cracks, crevices, entry points and openings.

Whether inside or outside of your home, spiders are attracted to vegetation, such as bushes, shrubs, and plants. If you have a lot of vegetation in or around your home, there is a good chance you will deal with these pests on a regular basis.

The more dangerous species of spider tend to hide under rocks and piles of wood in your yard. Problems start if they make their way into your home.

If you notice an infestation, or you are afraid to deal with spiders on your own, contact Presidio Pest Management to inspect your area.  We are happy to help.  We understand the habits of spiders and use that knowledge when developing a spider control program that is best suited to your home and your particular problem.

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