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8 months ago, my 4 year old had marks on his body and we had no idea where they were coming from. I later found out he had slept in my older sons bed and there were bed bugs there. There were minimal signs but since my son slept in various beds in The house they somehow spread to each room. We called Orkin and they completed a treatment but they were not gone. I then got so frustrated we threw out the bunk bed and sprayed down everything hoping they would be gone. We then saw more signs of them, so I called Presidio, spoke with the manager. From beginning to end expectations were set to do an assessment, they had the K-9 walk through to assess where they w were, and the entire process was amazing. The employees from the manager on down were VERY professional, punctual, and courteous. I fired Orkin for my regular service and they will be my provider going forward for ANY services we may need. NO MORE SIGNS OF ANY BED BUGS SINCE!

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