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Imagine waking up one day with a rash on your back and arms, only to find out the bed you lay on is infested with bedbugs. For 8 weeks, I battled the war against bedbugs with over the counter pesticides, only to find no signs of destruction. Countless hours on the internet and trips to hardware stores brought me to a $1200.00 dead end. I was beside myself, I threw out my couch, floor rugs, and bedding. I even pondered burning down my home to regain sanction. I sat down one more time in front of my lap-top, and with a click of the mouse, I came across Bobby from Presidio Pest Control. I called him for the consultation and at that point, I knew I was in good hands. With one visit, the bedbugs met their mortality. Presidio Pest Management won the war and I now sleep bed bug free. THANKS BOBBY!!!

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