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No one would ever be happy to find bedbugs in their home, but given that we did, we are happy we hired Presidio! I called one of the “big name” companies and left a voicemail, waited two days for a return call, and was told it would be a week before they could come to my house. The next company I called sent me directly to voicemail, too. Presidio’s phone was answered right away, by a real person. From that first call, the Presidio team demonstrated a command of their craft, a high degree of professionalism, and a sicnere concern for our well-being and satisfaction. “It’s not cheap to have your home treated for bed bugs. Presidio’s pricing was very competitive – even less expensive than the “big guy” – and we feel we got value for our dollar. Rebel and Ditto, the bedbug-sniffing dogs, and their handlers were professional and efficient. The technician was polite, knowledgable, well-dressed and respectful of our “stuff.” When we returned later that day, we knew they had moved things around, but they did an amazing job of returning everything to the way it originally was. In contrast, the representative of Company “X” who came to bid on the job untucked bed linens and pushed aside mattresses, then left them like that when he left the room – a bit too creepy for me! You probably won’t chat with your friends about their own bedbug experiences, because most people are too grossed out to admit they ever had them. Consider this testimonial a friendly and honest assessment of Presidio. I hope we never have pest issues again, but if we do, we’ll call Presidio – no question about it!

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