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What Kills Bed Bugs Instantly?

Bed bugs are no joke. We know that if you have them, you want them dead ASAP. If you are suffering a bed bug problem in your home right now, you are in the right place to get the information you need about killing bed bugs.

Heat Treatment to Kill BedbugsBefore we give you a list of things that kill bed bugs instantly, we must give you the caveat. Many chemical agents that kill bed bugs instantly or on contact, if applied incorrectly or without a bigger plan to locate and control the whole infestation, could create a bigger problem. Bed bugs are some of the most excellent survivors on this planet, and if they sense a chemical or other agent is being used nearby that is dangerous for them, other bed bugs in the area will attempt to get away and hide even deeper in your home. A professional bed bug treatment plan is your safest bet to get rid of the quickly.

Without further ado, here’s our list – although not comprehensive – of solutions and substances that will kill a single bed bug instantly. Keep in mind that any chemical or liquid substances shown here would need directly applied to all living bed bugs to kill them; also, many do not kill bed bug eggs on contact, as eggs are stronger than live bugs.

#1: And being number one cannot be overstated – HEAT. If a room where a bed bug infestation is located is heated up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit, bed bugs in that room – in the flooring, bedding, furniture, etc. will die. Learn more about heat treatment and why it works.

#2: Diatomaceous Earth.

#3: Rubbing alcohol.

#4: Hydrogen peroxide.

#5: Strong cleaning chemicals, such as Lysol.

#6: Clorox.

#7: Insecticides such as Ortho Home Defense or Harris Bed Bug Killer which use Bifentherin, Beta Cyfluthrin, Deltamethrin, or similar active ingredient. It may take some time to kill bed bugs with neurotoxin-type chemicals, however; they do not necessarily kill a bed bug immediately upon contact. You can learn more about these chemical agents for bed bug use at the EPA website.

#8: Steam.

#9: Liquid Nitrogen, such as Eco-Freeze. This works because of the same reason heat kills bed bugs – they can only survive within a certain temperature range, and getting a bed bug cold enough can kill it. Unless you can eco-freeze an entire room, which is currently not a feasible solution in the way heat treatment is, liquid nitrogen will only kill the bed bug it is being applied to.

Get more information about killing bed bugs with chemicals by reading our blog.


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