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Are you or your family members noticing red bumps on your skin night after night? If so, it could be bedbugs. Bed bugs feed on human blood. They leave behind red bumps or marks. Other evidence of bedbug bites is blood spotting on pillows and mattresses. Bed bugs often feed on the shoulders and upper...
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Did you know that a single female bedbug can lay hundreds of eggs throughout her lifetime? During the previous century, the bedbug population was all but extinct, partially due to the use of toxic pesticides which are no longer in use. But in recent years that’s all changed. Bedbugs have become a serious problem for...
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bed bugs
Bed bugs are not harmful, and their bites do not spread disease. They are extremely disgusting though, and can cause your family undue psychological stress. They typically feed between midnight and 5:00 AM. Females can lay 5 to 20 eggs after a meal; eggs which can be difficult to kill. They are excellent survivors, which...
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Heat treatment for bed bugs may be the most effective way to get rid of bed bugs, but it’s also the most expensive. That said, it’s not expensive because it’s the best and the marketplace charges a premium for it. It’s expensive because: It’s more difficult to perform than applying a spray (carrying heavy heaters in and...
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If you’re reading this article, then there’s a decent chance that you suffer from a bed bug infestation, or at the very least, you suspect that you might suffer from a bed bug infestation. Such an infestation can be absolutely maddening. So you’re probably looking for a quick, effective and (if at all possible) inexpensive...
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