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How to Rid Your House of Bed Bugs Once and For All!

Have you recently experienced small insect bites on your skin? Do you often come across little reddish-brown pests around your house? If so, don’t be afraid. You are not alone. These creatures are known as bed bugs, and they have made their way throughout the United States. Initially, they were localized in some suburbs, but they have made their way into the large industrial cities after the rapid increase in traveling.

The question of the hour is, how do bed bugs reach our home, and importantly, can we get rid of them permanently? Bed bugs end up in our homes either through us or through our pets. They can sneak into our backpacks, our trousers, and our canine’s fur, and when we reach home, they come alongside. Fortunately, bed bug extermination services work like a charm, and you can quickly rid your home of these nasty creatures. Additionally, here are two significant ways of exterminating bed bugs:

Killing Bed Bugs Using Chemicals

Chemical extermination is perhaps the oldest method. However, the fact that it is still prevalent speaks volumes about its effectiveness. Experts carefully formulate the right proportions of appropriate chemicals. These chemicals are then administered throughout the house, especially near the areas where bed bugs are commonly found, like beds, couches, and recliners. But some people believe that using chemicals in the house is unsafe for the kids and pets, and their concern is justified. However, here at Presidio Pest Management, we make sure that our chemical mix is as non-toxic as possible. We take all necessary precautions and advise the owners to keep their beloveds at a safe distance.

Killing Bed Bugs Using Heat

Recent technological advancements have improved every sector. Similarly, the heat-kill method is a novel extermination method and is perhaps the most effective one. A controlled amount of heat is applied onto the work surface so that only the bugs suffer the consequences. Scientists have devised perfect temperatures that help workers effectively kill the bugs without damaging the surroundings. Moreover, the heat-kill method is recommended if you have kids and pets at your house, as having chemicals around children, no matter how safe it might be, is not the best idea.

On top of that, using heat for extermination is as quick as lightning. It can remove the last of the bed bugs in under 24 hours! Presidio Pest Management is one of the best in the business when it comes to bed bug extermination, and here’s why:

Transparency and Premium Quality

When it comes to bed bug management, no company had quoted their price, which gave the customers a hard time deciding. Therefore, Presidio Pest Management took a leap of faith and made all its quotes go live so that our customers can make an informed decision. Moreover, we offer high-quality work, and a warranty accompanies every service. Thousands of satisfied customers also speak volumes about our top-notch work. So if bed bugs have made your life miserable, contact us now and get rid of them once and for all!

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