by Bobby Wilford Got Bed Bugs? Don't DIY! Essential Oils are amazing! We admit it! They solve such a large number of problems that other products (AND MEDICINES!) can’t begin to resolve as effectively, and they do it with fewer side effects and a better smell than chemical alternatives. If you are “oily”, or have been told by a friend or relative that essential oils might help you solve a bed bug problem, you probably want to make sure oils will be effective before using them as a treatment, in particular because they can be costly – at least for the high quality ones (i.e. Certified Therapeutic Grade.) The one oil you were likely referred to is Peppermint Oil. This essential oil is excellent at deterring spiders and other outdoor insects away from indoor areas, and peppermint plants are often used as a natural deterrent of certain pests in a garden. You may have also been told about lavender, eucalyptus, thyme, tea tree, and others. For bed bugs, none of the above oils will be a suitable treatment if you already have a bed bug problem. Although some natural health resources on the web insist essential oils “repel” and “prevent” bed bugs from infesting, professionals in the field and insect authorities do not see the results that support essential oils as a good solution. Moreover, some studies show that when many common “pest repellant” essential oils are applied to bed bugs, they don’t even die. As you’ll see elsewhere in our blog, we strongly recommend heat treatment for killing bed bugs. This isn’t because we’re trying to push a hidden agenda; we use it because IT WORKS, and it works better than any other bed bug solution available. If a more effective solution comes on the market, you’d better believe we’re going to switch to it, especially because we guarantee our service and repeat treatments to customers with guarantees costs US money! If you love essential oils, keep using an d enjoying them for their many health and home related benefits. If you have bed bugs, call your local bed bug extermination professional to help you get rid of them for good. Bed Bug Exterminator Free Inspection

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