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Stink bugs didn’t get their name by mistake! These little pests let out a foul odor whenever they feel threatened or are crushed. But did you know they also let out another scent? When stink bugs find a suitable place to live during the winter, a.k.a. inside your house, they let off a pheromone that...
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Stop the Stink: How to Defend Your Home Ahhhh Autumn… It is almost that time of year again, temperatures just beginning to drop, the aroma of pumpkin spice lattes filling the air, back-to-school shopping with the kids, and the majesty of the beautiful fall colors on the leaves of your favorite tree. It is a...
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Stop the Stink: How to Defend Your House from Stink Bugs This Spring In recent years, Michigan has seen an increase in stink bug activity. Unfortunately, these pesky critters love the dry, temperate atmosphere of the indoors and will seek to find shelter inside your home whenever possible. They are also wintering pests, which means...
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