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These Guys Deserve this Name: They Stink!

stink bugs in your home
Stink bugs didn’t get their name by mistake!
These little pests let out a foul odor whenever they feel threatened or are crushed. But did you know they also let out another scent?
When stink bugs find a suitable place to live during the winter, a.k.a. inside your house, they let off a pheromone that welcomes other stink bugs to join them in their winter hiding spot.
Fall is when they start making their way indoors.
Presidio Pest Services specialty is offering complete worry-free pest protection. Our professional team uses the latest technology and products, which are both extremely efficient and effective, allowing us to fully protect your home. We will educate you, and will formulate a plan for you about your individualized situation. Contact us today for more information.
If you are starting to notice these unwanted guests bathing in the sunny areas of your home, give us a call and learn how we can evict these stinky pests from your home.
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