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Bugs in Children’s Stories

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Creepy Crawlies: The Reality Is Not So Cute

Cuddled up next to your toddler reading a children’s book about a hungry little ant is adorable; finding them in your home is not. We all work hard keeping a clean home, buying fresh food, and washing our items frequently. So why, or how, do these little critters still invade our homes? “What are we doing wrong?” we ask ourselves. The embarrassment, the shame we can place upon ourselves can be overwhelming. The truth is, despite doing everything we think is “right”, somehow these pests still find a way in.  

Presidio Pest Management will treat you like family. Our expert team will educate you on pest prevention, eliminate current concerns and assist you in preventing future outbreaks. We love our job, and it shows. Trust our friendly and efficient team to competently, and safely, eliminate unwelcome and pesky pests from your home.  The only place a “busy little bee” belongs is safely inside a precious children’s story book, and not in your beloved home.

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