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Five Fall Michigan Home Invaders

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We don’t want to alarm you, but as Michigan residents, we want to make you aware… in case you haven’t seen them already… that there are five species of insects who are itching to get in your house right now. Yes, at this instant. Winter is coming, and they’re scrambling as fast as their legs and wings will carry them in to a place where they can hunker down and hibernate until it warms up again. Your home is their ideal location.

The top five fall invaders in Michigan scrambling to seek shelter in your abode now are: the Brown Marmorated Stink bug; the Asian Lady Beetle; Western Conifer Seed Bug (a Stink Bug look-alike); Boxelder Bug and the Cluster Fly. We, at Presidio, are happy to help with prevention and elimination of these unwanted Fall invaders.

We’ll start with a few tips on prevention.

There are several vulnerable entry ways to your home. Recognizing where to look is the best place to start.

These creatures can get into your house by squeezing through cracks around windows and door, loosely hung siding, vents, louvers, gaps around air conditioners, or holes in screens and other entry points. They will come into your home in clusters. The first line of defense is to look for, and seal any of these openings. Caulk works great in these situations, and repairing screens and other entry ways is a great idea too. Some of these creatures are slow moving and vacuuming up around vulnerable areas is a good idea. Also, applying dish soap around windows and other locations can assist in making your home a less welcome environment to them.

If despite your best efforts, and they still are able to get inside- it is best to call a professional, such as Presidio Pest Management. We will advise you the best and safest way to eliminate these unwanted pests. If these pests are flying and crawling about inside, it is likely you will continue to see them throughout the winter. Once they are inside, they like it in there. Your warm and cozy home is their ideal oasis to dwell. Contact our team today and we would be happy to access your personal situation and advise you the best way to eliminate and prevent future infestation.

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